The Advent Experience in Music

Now that we are in December, people are doing Christmas shopping, hanging Christmas decorations, and blasting Christmas music.

But as Catholics, we have this little season in December called, “Advent,”  …the coming, the waiting, the hope….so to really prepare for Christmas, rather than blasting Christmas music…we should really immerse ourselves in ADVENT music…music that speaks for that yearning and longing (and then when Christmas arrives, then blast Christmas music for the whole CHRISTMAS SEASON, that is, at least until Jan.6 (Epiphany).

However, as there are not a lot of great Advent playlists out there (even many “Advent” albums by some artists, while great music, still have a lot of Christmas songs on them), I decided to compile my own personal Advent playlist (Below).

Advent has become one my favorite seasons…it is a season where we meditate on a yearning and hope for something which has not yet come.  In our readings for Sundays, we immerse ourselves in the period of the Exile, around which most of the prophets arose…. Despite warnings over and over from the prophets, the Israelites followed their path of stubborn pride, greed, and idolatry, leading to their downfall, destruction, and exile.  Thus, we are left in this place, far from home, yearning to return… that place where the Israelites had been conquered and exiled…that now they are in a far-away place, longing for home, and hoping (at times, a seemingly faint hope), for God to come and save them, to bring them back to the home they yearn for, they long for!  Thus our song for Advent is “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”, the yearning cry to come and save us.

Taking these Advent themes together I’ve compiled here my ADVENT PLAYLIST (Of course tailored to my personal taste in music as well)!  Enjoy!

And Finally, a few other classic Advent hymns:


If you have any other great songs for an Advent playlist please share! Let me know!

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