The Hope Project : Feature #1 – “Christ in the City”

A few weeks ago, during advent, I introduced a blog series that I am starting: What I am calling “The Hope Project.” (see my blog post on it).  Originally, it was going to be an Advent project, BUT it will extend beyond Advent.  That each week (hopefully), I want to share a stories of hope in the world…as in my life journey I’ve encountered many people and ministries doing incredible things.  I want to share those stories with a world, that seems to be in great need of hope…


A few years ago, I decided to step away from seminary formation for a time to look at more intentional work with the poor.  In that time away, I met some incredible people and saw some incredible ministries…stories of hope, that you probably won’t ever read about in the news.

One group I met was in Denver, Colorado, a program called, “Christ in the City.”  It’s a simple yet beautiful concept – young people live in intentional, prayerful community, and then go out and build friendships with the homeless.

If there’s one thing many chronically homeless people lack in their lives, it’s stable friendships.   The missionaries walk the same routes each day, to encounter, get to know, and build friendships with those homeless.  First and foremost, to show them that they are loved and cared for.  To accompany them on their journey.

They will also try to connect them to other resources to help them get into more stable housing and life.

The missionaries themselves also live in community and receive formation.

I was so moved when I visited Christ in the City – I think their mission is very simple and beautiful, and it’s a beautiful story and mission of hope that’s happening in the world!

Visit their website to learn more about Christ in the City.  I would highly recommend watching the video below, titled,”A Day in the Life” as it summarizes their mission and what they are about very well.


If you have stories of hope, please share with me: stories of people and ministries YOU’ve encountered…ways people you know are spreading hope to the world…a piece of art, poetry, music, etc. or a book or movie that inspires hope!…if it’s inspiring enough it may even merit it’s own individual blog post!!!

To share hope, share it in comments below, OR e-mail me:

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